Happy Memorial Day

women-war-poster-memorialBarbecues, Picnics, and the Official Start Of Summer…

We’ll be BBQ’ing dogs, burgers and hot Italian sausage at the Tiki Bar in South Florida today, washing them down with Cuba Libres and other assorted niceties. Down here there are no seasons, so Memorial Day pretty much just means starting Tuesday the traffic will be lighter.

Up north, summer begins…the Jersey shore town boardwalks will crank up into high gear; soon the smell of caramel popcorn, suntan oil and pizza will fill the air 24 hours.

In the meantime kats, let’s not forget the reason the holiday was set to begin with…to remember the brave Jacks and Jills who gave it all to keep America proud, safe, beautiful and free. From the Revolutionary War soldiers to the people risking their lives all over the world today, here’s a big thank you. a-thank-you-to-our-veterans


Memorial Day Weekend also means the hot days of summer are here to stay, at least for a while. In SoFla summer is like winter up north…people stay inside more, but in the AC instead of heat. Of course in our ‘winter’ you can go to the beach or swim in the pool, and you never have to worry about the hot sun melting your car door lock shut like the ice freezes them shut up there. In fact, even on our hottest days if you relax under a palm tree, out of the sun, there’s usually a nice breeze to keep you comfy.

Whatever you’re doing today, live it up. It’s a day of remembrance and relaxation, a day to celebrate our freedom by having fun the way America is built to do!

Mermaids at the Wreck Bar

It was on May 31 last year that the Wreck Bar’s fate was uncertain. The Sheraton Yankee Clipper closed for extensive remodeling, and no one was sure if the remodel would include the historic bar (themed like  a sunken ship) would survive. (see last year’s post here). Well the news turned out to be great…not only did they keep the Wreck Bar intact, they fixed it up, and kept the windows looking out on the pool…so the Mermaids swim again, every Friday evening at five. So if you’re in Fort Lauderdale on a Friday night make sure you stop in and see Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid (AKA Medusirena) and her pod of below-water beauties. They’re a real blast from the past, doing their underwater rumba to great Exotica music, just as if it were 1957!

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