Tiki Cocktails!

tiki-bar-drinksTiki Cocktail Recipes for Jetsetters, Swingers and Tikiphiles a Go Go

Hey kats and kittens!

Here’s a list of all the Tiki cocktail concoctions that I’ve collected for Tiki Lounge Talk. Each one has a little description of what’s in it. They’re in no particular order, because who needs order at a Tiki party? There are plenty, and more to come so come on in, pull up drink and get fabulous, baby. It’s time for some swingin’ Tiki drinks!

(Don’t forget to have plenty of ice cold ice!)

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Tiki Drink No. 1: The Mai Tai (rums & stuff)tiki-galore-drink

Frozen Banana Banshee (rum, banana liquor)

Molokai Mike (rum & brandy)

Flaming Kona Coffee Grog (rum, Grand Marnier & coffee)

The Pirate’s Wench, AKA Cap’n Mack’s Pirate Grog TLT Original! (rum, rum, & more rum)

The Suffering Bastard (gin & brandy)

Singapore Sling (gin, cointreau, etc)

The Sweet Caroline TLT Original! (Midori & amaretto)singapore-sling

The Original Mojito (rum)

Dolce de Leche & a Movie! (Rum, Chocolate Liquor)

Navy Grog (rum & rum)

The Captain’s Eggnog Grog TLT Original! (rum & eggnog)

Frozen Summer Slush (gin or vodka, tea, lemon)

Manhattan Cocktail (whiskey & vermouth)

Blue Devil (gin, curacao)


Mach 5 Shooter – & a movie (151, Crown, Gold, Jager, Mintz)

Tiki-ish Pineapple Coconut Margarita (Tequila, Rum, Pineapple etc.)

Stars & Stipes (curacao & cream)

Tahitian Rum Punch (rum, coconut water, juices)

Banana Sling TLT Original! (spiced rum, amaretto, banana liquor)

Jamaican Coffee – & a movie (rum & coffee)

Rum Cider -& a movie (rum & cider, duh)

Pumpkin Martini (vodka & pumpkin liquor)

Dracula’s Blood Martini -& a movie (Vodka & juices)Most popular cocktails series - Mai Tai and Blue Hawaiian

Frozen Zombie -& a movie (151 etc)

Micheal Meyers Halloween Cocktail -& a movie (bourbon, Gold)

The Red Death (gin, vodka, SoCo, etc)

The Red Devil -& a movie (gin, SoCo, amaretto)

Tropical Mellon Ball Cocktail (coconut rum, Midori)

Watermelon Martini (vodka, watermelon juice)

Red, White & Blue Cocktail (Vodka, cointreau, curacao)

Tom & Jerry (warm rum & brandy)flaming-kona-coffee-grog

Rock-a-hula Baby TLT Original! (rum, juices)

Very Merry Cocoa (hot cocoa, vodka, Kahluha, Irish Cream)

Fort Lauderdale (rum, vermouth)

The Drunken Wench TLT Original! (rummmmm)

Zombies! (rum and lots of other stuff)

Tropical Moment (rum, peach schnapps)

Tiki Galore TLT Original! (rum, amaretto)

Scorpion Bowl (rum, juices)

The Rum Noir TLT Original! (rum, stuff)

Dark n Stormy (rum, ginger beer)

My Blue Heaven (rum, coconut, pineapple)

Spicy Pina Colada (spiced rum, pineapple)

Queen’s Park Swizzle (rum, lime, mint)

Lake George Iced Tea (tequila, rum, vodka, triple sec)

The Jet Pilot (rum, rum, and more rum)

Rock-a-Hula Baby!
Rock-a-Hula Baby!

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