It’s International Exotic Cocktail Day! Cheers!

It’s HERE! Today, Friday, October 1st, is 2021’s International Exotic Cocktail Day!

Today is a day to celebrate the pleasure of enjoying an Exotic Cocktail at your favorite Tiki Bar, on the lanai, by the pool, in your living room or on the front lawn. It’s a day to imbibe in your favorite mixes with friends and family. It’s a day to remember the people who started it all and the people who keep the traditions alive today! Wherever you are, you can celebrate the fantabulousness of Tiki & Exotic Cocktails!

Starts Five O’clock Friday (Happy Hour!) and really goes all weekend through Sunday night! Why limit such fun to just one day?

Mai Tai a the Mai Kai, 2020
Mai Tai a the Mai Kai, Fort Lauderdale

I started #IECD many years ago as an “extra” chance to introduce my Florida friends to the Mai Kai and Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and to share my love of Tiki and Tiki drinks with my friends on social media. It soon took off, and now International Exotic Cocktail Day is enjoyed by people from around the world!

With last year’s Covid closings, #IECD became even more popular…as the point isn’t to go out to a Tiki bar, but to enjoy a cocktail or three anywhere including at home, with your favorite people, your dog, your parrot, whatever!

This year Wahini Colleen and I will be having our final dress rehearsal for the show I co-wrote, “How to Kill Vampires because they are unnatural jerks”, at the Infinite Abyss Theater in Wilton Mannors, FL, so we’ll be celebrating with the cast at the theater! The night’s cocktail menu (so far) includes Rum Punch and Zombies! (Zombies at a Vampire Show? Why not!)

Be sure to join the #IECD Facebook Group to share your photos and drink recipes!

Cheers from Tiki Chris P, reporting from behind the bar at Tiki Lounge Talk

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