Get Ready for Tiki Caliente! June 4-6

Tiki Caliente II
Tiki Caliente II

They don’t care if it’s the biggest, they just want to be one of the best! That’s the kind of fun, laid-back & sip-a-cocktail attitude you’ll get when you swing down to Tiki Caliente this weekend.

Tiki Caliente II will be held at the Historic Caliente Tropics in Palm Springs, California, the birthplace of Tiki Oasis.

The Caliente Tropics
The Caliente Tropics

Entertainment includes Hula Girls, Martini Kings, Tikiyaki Orchesrta, Eliminators, Slacktone and the Cherry Capri. A Tiki art exhibit, “Primitive Pop for the Sophisticated Savage” features the Art of Derek Yaniger, Sam Gambino, Robb Hamel, Hassan “Headhunter” Patterson, and my favorite, Doug Horne.

The Caliente Tropics Resort is a fantabulous, original Tiki-themed hotel. Built in 1964, The Caliente Tropics has hosted such swingin’ notables as Elvis, Anna Nichole Smith and even members of the Rat Pack. The basement held the famous Cellar Steak House, but unfortunately had to be filled in with sand due to a slipping foundation. Kookie.

As with most of our Tiki Treasures, the Caliente Tropics almost didn’t make it through the 1990s. But some groovy kats bought her and fixed her up real nice in 2000, sinking 2.2 million clams into the resort to make her primo. Now the world of Tikiphiles can rejoice in this hip Tiki Megapad during Tiki Caliente II!

Three full days packed with music, dancing, tropical drinks and fun awaits you. Of course there will be a room crawl, and the bars are open till 2am. Cherry Carpri will even host a Tiki Fashion Show on Saturday. And there will be plenty of groovy vendors to spend your money with! So if you’re in the Palm Springs area, take the wheel of your automobile and swing on down to Tiki Caliente this weekend!

(If you do, make sure you look for TLT’s good friend Mahinui Gail, who will have a table set up with info on her TikiTabulous getaway/rainforest weddings in Hawaii! Or check it out here.)

-Tiki Chris, recovering from too many hamburgers over Memorial Day Weekend.

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