Today is International Exotic Cocktail Day! Friday, Oct. 2, 2020

Mai Tai a the Mai Kai, 2020
Mai Tai a the Mai Kai, Fort Lauderdale

International Exotic Cocktail Day is here, and man do we need it more than ever this year!

Holy cow, what a year. Covid-19 had really hit the Tiki/Vintage community hard, not only with cases, but with Tiki bars and restaurants closing or verging on the edge. It looks like things might finally be starting to get back to normal…and I really need a drink!

#IECD is the one day a year where we all come together to celebrate how wonderful Tiki, tropical, and exotic cocktails are. You don’t have to go out…and this year, that means more than ever…you can enjoy your exotic cocktail at home, with family, friends, at your favorite watering hole, wherever! (use common sense responsibility, of course, it’s not worth getting sick over a cocktail!) Wherever you are, you can celebrate International Exotic Cocktail Day!

Starting at Five O’Clock today (It’s Five O’Clock somewhere), and lasting until the last drop of rum runs out Sunday night, #IECD has evolved from a Friday Night Cocktail Hour to a whole weekend of fun!

Colleen & I at the Mai Kai

Tiki Drinks

If you’re doing this at your home Tiki bar/vintage bar/kitchen counter, I’ve got an interesting list of cocktails to try. Most of these are old-fashioned, original style cocktails from our mid-century past, with a few newer and Tiki Lounge Talk originals mixed in. Not all of these stick strictly to the Exotic Cocktail aesthetic, but hey, it’s booze. It’s there to enjoy, so enjoy what you dig. Click HERE for the list of recipes.

Usually we go to the Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale for #IECD, but this year we’re staying home and having drinks at our own little Pirate’s Cove Tiki Bar on the lanai. I know I’ll be making Dark and Stormy drinks for my darling Colleen; not sure yet what I’ll make for myself but it will be fantabulous.

Cheers everyone! An Happy International Exotic Cocktail Day!

-Tiki Chris, reporting from behind the bar at Tiki Lounge Talk

Started by Tiki Chris of Tiki Lounge Talk, International Exotic Cocktail Day is really just a great excuse to have a fun time with your friends, while enjoying one of the simple pleasures of life: Tiki Cocktails.

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