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  • “Murder Under The Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery” by Christopher Pinto now available!

    Posted on May 14th, 2013 "Tiki Chris" Pinto No comments
    Murder Under The Boards by Christopher Pinto now available

    Murder Under The Boards by Christopher Pinto now available


    It’s here: The third novel in the Detective Bill Riggins series, “Murder Under The Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery” by author Christopher Pinto (that’s me) is now available in print and for Kindle download at!

    For those of you who follow my books, you’ll be thrilled by this new supernatural noir adventure featuring our intrepid NYC cop, Lieutenant Detective Bill Riggins. In this book, which takes place in 1957 with flashbacks to the 20s and flash-forwards to 1982, Riggins finds himself staying at the world famous Marlborough-Blenheim hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. It’s only a matter of hours before he encounters a ghostly apparition in his room…and finds out one of his best friends from childhood has been murdered in cold blood under the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

    Fast cars, cool jazz, hot dames, steamy summer nights,  a serial killer, a secret network and more ghosts than Hackney’s has lobsters, “Murder Under The Boards” is the perfect book for people who dig the mid-century scene. From the world famous Steel Pier to Lucy the Margate Elephant, this book is packed with cool and fun stuff from Atlantic City’s colorful past.

    Available through for Kindle for only $3.99, this 300-page book will keep you guessing till the last sentence! Print version also available to Tiki Lounge Talk readers at a 10% discount. Visit for more details and buying options.

  • Great Christmas Gift Idea for Tiki Lovers!

    Posted on December 2nd, 2009 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 4 comments

    The Parrot Talks in Chocolate

    The Life and Times of a Hawaiian Tiki Bar
    by Everette Peacock

    parrotcoverOnce in a while I come across a book that is well written, fun to read, and interesting enough to keep me turning the pages. The Parrot Talks In Chocolate is one of those gems, and if you like Tiki and Hawaiian culture, this book should go to the top of your list.

    What’s it about? From their site: “A mythical Hawaiian Tiki bar, and it’s eclectic patrons help tell the story of our young hero as he discovers love in the tropics. Tiwaka, the parrot, trades chocolate covered nuts for words of wisdom and watches the wild and often mystical adventures unfold. You’ll laugh, cry and insist on buying your plane tickets immediately, to Tiwaka’s Tiki Bar & Grill.”

    This story has the perfect balance of fact and fantasy, describing life in Hawaii in picturesque detail touched with a bit of magic. It’s light reading and fun, and really will make you wish you were there.

    Why am I hawking (or should I say, ‘parroting’) this book? Well, I’m not making any dough off of it. I just really dig it. It’s hard for a writer to break into the market, and when I find someone with this much talent I can’t help but try to give him a hand. There are so many mediocre writers out there (and some lousy ones) getting book deals that it’s only fair to help a real writer spread the word.

    You can order a signed copy of the book from the author, or you can get a discount through Amazon through the end of December (check out Tiwaka’s FaceBook Page here for the discount). Buy one for yourself, and a couple more as gifts. You won’t be disappointed, kids!

    Click here for The Parrot Talks in Chocolate home page.