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  • Reading Bachelor Pad Magazine at the Tiki Bar

    Posted on March 28th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 2 comments

    retro-fun-stuffFor all you swingin’ kats ‘n kittens out there – if you ain’t got hip to Bachelor Pad Mag, point your peepers to Java’s Bachelor Pad and take a gander at some kool riffs, kookie stories and ohhh so swingin’ chicks!

    Bachelor Pad Magazine

    Bachelor Pad Magazine

    Tonight, while my wife was out on a photo shoot herself, I got to have a little alone time with a bottle of Canadian Club and my Bachelor Pad Mag. I particularly enjoyed the 50s style fiction by Will Daniels, the lifestyle advice by Miss Cherry Capri (this one featured what women should do with their mops while riding in a ragtop, topless), and the spread of coverdoll Miss Angela Ryan, a sure bet.

    At my Tiki Bar

    At my Tiki Bar

    Bachelor Pad Magazine is a very kool throwback to the 1950’s girlie mags…you know, the kind your grandfather had hidden under his toolbox in the basement. They do a fantabulous job of recreating the look and feel of those old cheesecake mags, with just enough modern style to keep it fresh and fun (just like the chicks that pose in the mag). There’s always some hip, retro-style fiction, tips for living the retro kool life, and PLEN=TEE of kickin’ pix of voluptuous vixens burlesquing it up for the camera. Even the ads are retro-kool.

    Here’s the kicker – in the late 1970’s, my grandfather gave a stack of original 1950s girlie mags to my old man. They were just like this, except mostly black and white with a 2-color cover, and maybe one full-color spread in the middle.

    original 50's girlie mag, like the ones my old man had

    original 50's girlie mag, like the ones my old man had

    There were about 30 of them, in mint condition, but at the time they weren’t worth a dime. My father, who was buying and selling antiques at the time, tried to get some decent clams for them, but I remember he sold the whole bunch for $6. Now mind you, I was just a kid and didn’t realize the significance of these treasures at the time. If I had, I’d have talked him into keeping them, and would still have them today. Well, nuts. They’ve been gone now for 30+ years, and I still remember them clear as day. I guess I’ll just have to keep getting Bachelor Pad Magazine and keep the memories.

    – Mack, from the Tiki Bar

    PS: Java also has a Tiki Lounge with some very hip links to books, music & more for the Tiki connoiseur.

  • Don’t Miss Tiki Oasis 9, Aug. 13-16, San Diego!

    Posted on August 2nd, 2009 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 2 comments

    to9_square_250x250Time to take off, kats and kittens, hop in the jalopy and motor down to San Diego for the West Coast’s best party ever! According to their website, “Tiki Oasis is the largest and longest running Tiki Event on planet earth”. Well, if you’re into the Tiki scene, and can get to the west coast, you absolutely can’t miss Tiki Oasis, baby! There’s so much entertainment and events packed into this three-day Poly Carnivále that I can’t possibly list them all here. Here’s a splatter of just a few of the entertainers, to give you an idea of the diversity:

    (For a full listing of Swingin’ Entertainment on the TO-9 Site click here)

    The Blue Hawaiians

    Event the Tiki Oasis website is kookie kool and fun. This is some of the original art featured throughout.

    Event the Tiki Oasis website is kookie kool and fun. This is some of the original art by Derek Yaniger featured throughout.

    The Martini Kings

    King Kukulele in the Friki Tikis

    Tana the Tattooed Lady

    The Swank Bastards

    Sultry Savage Burlesque


    and about a dozen more! Holy Toledo what a line-up! Plus guest speakers, Exotic Cocktail experts, and the Tiki Oasis Marketplace featuring some of the hottest retro and Poly-Pop stuff you can find, from Tommy Bahama and Tiki Farm to Tiki tOny, Vintage Roadside and Fez-O-Rama!

    (For a full listing of kool vendors on the TO-9 Site, click here)

    Unfortunately yours truly won’t be able to jet-set over to Cali for this primo party, but I’ve got it on the calendar for next year, without a doubt! Friday & Saturday Tickets are still available, and so are tickets for some of the symposiums so check out the Tiki Oasis website before it’s too late!