Jazz 101 – A Guide To Smokin’ Retro Riffs

Dexter Gordon, Tenor Sax
Dexter Gordon, Tenor Sax

You can’t have a retro party or live in the retro moment without the proper tunes to back you up. And no, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin don’t count. If you want to do it right, it’s got to be Jazz, or Exotic. But there’s soooo much to learn, man! Well don’t blow a gasket, baby, because ol’ Mack has laid down the basics for you.

Click here or up top on the page navi that says “Jazz 101” and get a short but sweet shot of all you need to know to get in the groove.

In the not so distant future I’ll dedicate a page to Exotic music too…Tiki bar stuff, Polynesian, Tahitian, Island, Calypso, Etc…

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