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  • For Hot Rodders…

    Posted on April 27th, 2009 "Tiki Chris" Pinto No comments
    My '53 Chevy Hot Rod

    My '53 Chevy Hot Rod

    Found a kool site for any with a hot rod, who likes hot rods, or wishes they had a hot rod…

    Yours truly just joined…look for me, handle is ChrisPFlorida.

    There’s nothing like having a hunk of vintage rolling iron to give you that true feel of being lost in another time. I’ve been driving cars way too old since I was 12…yeah, 12…from a 41 Dodge Luxury Liner to a 63 Imperial Crown Southampton, to a 56 Buick Station Wagon, to a 74 Caddy Eldorado convertible…and plenty of others in between. This 53 Chevy has been mine since May of 1990. I’ve been through hell and back with this car…it’s really such a big part of me now I don’t think I’ll ever part with her. By the way…her name is StarDust. Check her out in all her glory at! Be sure to leave a comment!