Tough Day At Work

hand-gunToday I went to work like every other day thinking things would go smooth and easy and then BAM!!! All that went to hell when one of my students came to me and said I just saw another student with a “GUN”… So I asked who it was and he told me, then the fun began. I searched the campus and located the young man in question, then the old police training kicked in and I searched the young man. Damn if I didn’t find a semi automatic pistol in his pants. After securing the weapon I started talking to this young man and he told me that he needed the gun to shoot anybody who F@#$*D with him… Now I am a believer in the right to own and carry guns, and use them to preserve life and property, but I do not understand the current generation of young adults between the ages of 17 & 25 who have this belief that it is okay to kill someone because they pissed them off. Well I’m happy that I’m home enjoying a stiff drink and thanks to Mack I have a place to vent about a bad day without spending a fortune on a shrink.

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