Do you remember the days when…

retro-fun-stuffDo you remember the days when…

…wondering why your $3500 computer system couldn’t play music?

…using a credit card for shopping was a big deal, and you bought nearly everything in cash, from the paycheck you had to cash at the bank? No direct deposit, no debit cards back then.

…watching video tapes on your giant 31” TV was great?

…you had to go home or find a phone booth to make a phone call? The only people with ‘mobile’ phones were wealthy businessmen. If you were waiting for a call, you’d wait by the phone, not too far away because it was plugged into the wall (not portable at all). You envied people who had a phone in the bathroom.

…having to go to a library to research something? Or calling all your friends until you found out the name of the actor who was in that movie with what’s her name?

…you thought you were so cool because you had a Sony WalkmanCD?

…people were absolutely amazed by that new AOL thing?

…some people thought that having a BMW and a wine rack meant you were successful?

…a word processor was an electric typewriter with a 4”x1” screen?

…people thought ‘Zima’ tasted good?

…Japanese cars sucked? And only weirdoes and teachers drove them?

…there was no such thing as a ‘web page’, ‘blog’, or ‘flash video’, and your email was the most technologically advanced thing you knew how to use?

Ah, the early ’90s. Remember them fondly.

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