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tiki-time-coaster So, you’ve read every post already, and now you hunger for more Tiki! Fear not! There’s more behind the tabs!

• About – Some kooky stuff about yours truly, written while drinking a half a bottle of Wild Turkey.

• Jazz Music 101 – A short but informative page for people who want a quicky lesson on what Jazz is all about. From Big Band to Modern, I cover it all in one page. Ok, so I left a lot out. Well, I left most of it out. But there’s a groovy list of great Jazz songs that you can use to start building your collection and appreciation.

• Tiki Bar Music Exotic – An explanation and fast guide to the tunes you should be playing behind your rattan and bamboo. Lots of info on where to find the music. Coming soon…I’ll add a hit list, just like the Jazz page.

• Restaurant Reviews – Ok, so far there’s just one, so keep looking in the future. When the economy turns around and the Tiki Gods are smiling on South Florida once again, I’ll start to fill this up.

• Luau Party! How to have a luau party in your back yard on a tight budget. Sure, 11′ Tiki Idols and real Hawaiian girls dancing are nice, but you can still have fun with some cut outs from Party City. Check it out!

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading our Tiki Lounge Conversations…more to come soon!

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