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  • Our NEW Entry into the Tiki Brand Dance Contest

    Posted on July 27th, 2009 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 5 comments

    crazy-tiki-on-fireOk, this is kind of funny. As you may know, back in the beginning of July my wife and I decided to shoot and submit a video for the Tiki brand Dance Contest. Tiki brand is the company that makes Tiki Torches and Citronella candles. They’re having this little video contest through YouTube to promote the company. Well, since Colleen and I are natural born hams, with years of theater in our souls, we decided to shoot something silly and fun. We did a sort of Louis Prima/Keely Smith routine, where she dances very beautifully while I act like a complete idiot all around her. We even got our parrot, Rio, in the shoot. And our cat (named Tiki) decided he wanted a cameo. We shot the video on the lanai around our (outdoor) Tiki Bar, and made sure the (electrically lit with flickering bulb) tiki torches were on.

    So we upload the video on Monday, July 13 and wait. Days go by. No video on the contest site. So I email them, and get no response. I twitter them, and get no response. I email them again, nothing. Twitter again, nothing. Post on their Facebook fan page, nothing. Finally, after a week, I found the company’s commercial website, and contacted their home office, asking if the contest had been cancelled, or if it ever was an actual ‘real’ contest to begin with. BINGO! Finally, after 10 days, I get a reply…they are sorry, I should have received an email stating why my video was REJECTED!


    “It appears that your video violates our usage instructions on torches. Our instructions state that we cannot accept videos that show anything contrary to the intended use of the product. All of our torches that we sell are strictly for outdoor use only, and it appears that you have torches lit indoor in your video.”

    Are they bananas? LIT Tiki Torches? in my HOUSE? I guess there are people out there dumb enough to do that, but not this kat. So I replied with a very friendly “You guys are nuts, it’s outside and electric”. I didn’t get a response. So, tonight I reshot a few things, did some creative editing, and re-submitted. The contest ends on the 31st, and the last ‘weekly’ drawing is tomorrow, so I’m probably not going to get my video up on the site on time, since it seems to take them a very long time to do things. I guess they are very laid back at Tiki brand. Anyway, I hope ours does get in, because we put a lot of time into it and had a lot of fun doing it. It would be a shame to be excluded because someone erroneously thought I was trying to burn down my house.

    Here’s the NEW Video. If you’d like to see the original, longer version click here!