New Tiki Bar Sign, Painted; Tiki Oasis This Weekend

tiki bar sign black light

Ok, so I put up the sign “temporarily” to take some pix for anyone interested!

Outlined the letters with ultra-violet orange and dry brushed tiki bar sign 1the Tikis with UV red; it really stands out under the black light (and looks very 60’s) but is invisible in daylight so the natural wood still looks great!

The flash lit up the UV paint but trust me, w/o the black light it’s natural wood. This weekend I’ll take down the old sign and hang this one permanently.

Tiki Oasis This Weekend

Don’t forget if you’re in the San Diego area this weekend to stop by Tiki Oasis, the biggest Tiki lovers’ event on the West Coast! (For a full listing of Swingin’ Entertainment on the TO-9 Site click here)

There will be lots of entertainment, Tiki and retro vendors, art, exoctic cocktails and kool 50’s chicks in leopard and zebra print leotards. Wish I were going but someone has to make Mai Tais here at the Tiki Bar in Sunrise Florida! I’ll be there in spirit though…and to all my new Tiki lovin’ friends that are going, have a blast, and drink a couple of Zombies for me!

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