YIKES! ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE as Zombieland opens this weekend!

moonfaceblueYou know the Halloween season is in full swing when the Zombies start coming out of the woodwork. ZOMBIELAND promises to be the Primo un-dead movie of the year, with Woody Harrelson & Jesse Eisenberg knocking the brains out of more walking dead than Planters has peanuts. What I already like about this movie is the way the art director has handled the look of it…the amusement park, the logo, even Woody’s hat have a distinctive little retro jive to them, which sets us up for what should be an old-time Zombie-bashing flick with plenty of blood and plenty of laughs to go with it.

But wait! There’s more! It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a good old-fashioned Michael Meyers Halloween movie…and Rob Zombie has once again put his spin on the neo-classic with his gritty version of Halloween II, in theaters now. Haven’t seen it yet, but if it’s anything like his other movies, it will no doubt be a gruesome mix of 70’s Texas Chainsaw-style cinematography, 80’s body count and 00’s special effects. If you haven’t seen House of 1000 Corpses, see it. It’s one of the most disturbing (in a good way) movies I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Looking for some old time classic horror films to get you in the haunting mood? Coming up soon in a new post will be a groovin’ list of some best (and worst) B flicks of all time.

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