Retro-tastic: Lindsay Lohan to Play 70’s Adult Movie Star Linda Lovelace

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

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Film makers are always trying to come up with groovy new ideas to set to celluloid. Of course, some of the grooviest ideas come from our recent past. Case in point: The new movie Inferno, deep-throat-posterabout the life of 70’s adult film phenomenon Linda Lovelace. What could be more retro-tastic than a flick about the life of the doll that brought blue movies into the mainstream?

The movie which catapulted Lovelace to fame was the inimitable “Deep Throat” from 1974, the first XXX-rated flick to be shown in regular movie houses across the country. It was banned in many towns for obvious reasons, but had lines a mile long in places like New York City and LA. It was actually a silly comedy, pretty much a spoof on sex in general. It had all the ingredients of a perfect bad movie: Mob ties (for real), 70’s chicks playing parts 15 years younger than they actually were, hairy guys, a previously unknown actress with an incredible talent (can’t say what it is here, but you can guess) and a ‘7o Caddy Eldorado in the opening credits. Oh, and the outdoors were filmed in Miami. Of course.

Deep Throat producer's Cadillac used in the movie
Deep Throat producer's Cadillac used in the movie

The movie grabbed so much national attention that the feds formed special anti-American censorship squads to take down the movie and its makers. In the end, they pretty much were only able to unjustly give jail time to one of the movie’s actors. The movie, and the actors, became part of pop history.

Thrity-six years later the movie is still relevant enough to have another movie made about its star, Linda. And who better to play the ’70s porn queen with issues (she later denounced the porn industry, claiming that she was forced into making the films by an abusive husband) than Lindsay Lohan, who most people are joking is one step away from a career in adult films now. I mean, she’s perfect for the part…she looks almost exactly like Linda Lovelace (ok, not really, Lindsay is a lot hotter, sorry Linda). Well, they both have the nickname ‘Lyn”. And their initials are both LL. Are you hip?

I wish Lindsay the best of luck with this flick. I really hope she pulls it off. She’s a pretty kid, and I think she’s a groovy actress, although a lot of kats would disagree with that statement. I’d really hate to see her take the low road and wind up strung out like too many of our favorite talents have in the past. It would be a real drag if she went daisies-up over some junk, like Bird or Marilyn. Too many great jazz musicians kicked from H, too many actors and actresses buried because of the monkey. Good luck kiddo, can’t wait to see Inferno.

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  1. OY Lindsey wont last 3 minutes on this set. She keeps getting fired from movies…I’m surprised any studio can get her insured to work at all. Unless shes SUPPOSED to be drunk and drugged up….in which case..method acting baby! She’ll be perfect!

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