Blazing Saddles! 1974 – Mod Movie Monday at TLT

blazing_saddles_posterFrom the brilliant mind of Mel Brooks, a movie that could never be made today (although a musical version is in the works)…

Blazing Saddles, 1974

Starring Mel Brooks, Cleavon Little, Harvey Korman, Slim Pickens, Madeline Kahn and Gene Wilder.

Brooks went all-out when he made Blazing Saddles, the story of corrupt official Hedley LaMarr (Harvey Korman) who attempts to destroy a frontier town to make way for the railroad. He hires a band of roughnecks to run the people out, and appoints a black man (Cleavon Little) as sheriff to demoralize them from within. His plans backfire when the Sheriff Bart  proves himself to the town, in spite of their race issues – and becomes LaMarr’s nemesis.blazing_saddles-cleavon_little

The flick is funny as hell, even though it touches (pounces?) on some very un-funny themes. It’s underpinned with a strong “racism is for morons” theme, and shows us how ridiculous racism is – by making fun of just about every race and culture possible. Native Americans speaking Yiddish, KKK robes with smiley faces and “have a nice day” printed on them, and 19th century characters singing “I Get a Kick Out Of You” are just some of the silly, twisted gags you’ll dig in this movie. And of course, for those old enough to remember the trailer…One of the most infamous scenes ever, where Alex Karras punches out a horse. (PETA don’t worry, the horse was fine.)

blazing_saddles_kahnThere’s a particular scene where Lili Von Shtupp (Madaline Kahn) sings a song entitled “I’m Tired” in the style of Marlene Dietrict that will have you rolling on the floor.

Add to all this a cameo by Count Basie and his Orchestra, a motorcycle gang with handlebars on horses, and Frankie Lane singing the theme song (that he thought was for a drama) and you’ve got one of the funniest movies of all time…really…it’s #6 on AFI’s 100 Years…100 Laughs.blazing_saddles_wilder

One last note, taken from IMDB: During a speech awarding Mel Brooks as a Kennedy Center Honoree, President Barack Obama mentioned going to see Blazing Saddles (1974) at the age of 13. When Brooks asked how he got in with the ratings restriction, the president replied, “I think I had a fake ID,” before adding, “The statute of limitations has passed.”

blazing_saddles_brooks-Tiki Chris Pinto riding into the sunset in a big black Cadillac, from Tiki Lounge Talk

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    1. Thanks a million for your comment! You’re the first celebrity to ever comment at the Tiki Lounge! Really loved that movie all my life. It must have been a lot of fun and great experience working on it as a kid. Thanks again!
      -Tiki Chris

  1. “I heard a voice shout Reach for it mister, well I spun around. And there I was, standing face to face with a 6 year old kid, well I dropped my gun and walked away, Little bastard shot me in the ass!”

    Love this movie.

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