Tiki Oasis is only a week away!

tiki-oasis-13-graphicIf you dig Tiki drinks, Tiki mugs, Exotic Cocktails & cool tunes, and you happen to be in the San Diego area next week, you’ve got to swing over to Tiki Oasis 13!

The largest Tiki Culture event in the galaxy, this year’s Tiki-O’s theme is “Hulabilly – A Hawaiian Hootenanny!”

The event happens August 15 through 18th, and includes tons of entertainment including bands, burly-q dancers, singers, guitar slingers, and the favorite here at the Tiki Lounge, Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid. Plus there’s the annual antique/classic/hot rod car show, an art show, the Tiki marketplace and tons of food and libations to cure any ills.

To go with the Hulabilly theme, there will be a BBQ shack that features a “Moonshine Burger” – something that sounds like it would tickle my fancy! Tickets are still available, starting at $15 for Thursday night up to $300 for the all-access VIP job.

Wahini Colleen and I won’t be able to transverse the 3000 miles to get to Tiki O this year, but our hearts and spirits will be there. In fact, we’ll probably swing over to the Mai Kai next Friday night to really get in the spirit…that spirit being rum, of course!

Visit the Tiki Oasis 13 website for more info!

-Tiki Chris P, reporting from the BBQ pit behind Pirate’s Cove Tiki BAr

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