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  • 53 Chevy Belair Custom Hot Rod “StarDust” Video!

    Posted on April 28th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto No comments
    Rusty Tiki Car Club at Tiki Lounge Talk

    Rusty Tiki Car Club at Tiki Lounge Talk

    errrr rrr rrrr rrr  Vrrrooooom  Vrumm Vrumm Vrumm Vrumm VARRROOOOMM VARRRROOOOOOM…

    The throaty sound of a hot split-six in the night. The engine revs up, falls off, revs up, falls off. Red-hot exhaust headers ticking. Juiced-up carb spitting gas down the throat of the this monster as fast as it can take it.

    I’ve been working on (and driving) my 1953 Chevy Belair Hot Rod since May of 1990. As the 20-year mark of owning this 57-year-old classic 1953 Chevy Belair Hot Rod "StarDust"approaches, I decided to do some major service ops on her to get her better suited to Florida’s roadways. I recently rebuilt the Holley 390 carb, tightened the front end and just this last few months completely restored the entire braking system, from new shoes to new lines, wheel cylinders and rebuilt master cylinder.

    So last night, just for fun I took her out of the garage and drove her around the neighborhood. She ran smooth and fast. Stopped pretty good, too. Then, for fun, I decided to throw together a quicky video (with Christine in mind!)

    Her name is StarDust. And she’s a beast.

    Tiki Chris reporting from the Tiki Culture Web Lounge (Blounge™)