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  • Michael Bublé – The New Bobby Darrin?

    Posted on July 14th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 14 comments
    Michael Buble

    Michael Buble

    The kid from Canada, Michael Bublé (Pronounced ‘booble’ at the Tiki bar) has been swingin’ it up on the scene for a few years now…you’ve probably heard his tunes somewhere, at the mall, in Starbucks, in Canada, or on TV. He dresses vintage, looks like he stepped out of the early ’60s, can croon in the style of Dino and Frank and is just as laid back singing an R&B or corny modern pop tune. The kids like him, the grays like him, and the swingin’ kats and kittens in between like him.

    Sound familiar?
    Remember a kid named Bobby Darrin?

    In the ’50s Bobby Darrin made a big splash with hits across the charts, from swingin’ tunes like Mack the Knife and Beyond the Sea to Rock ’n’ Roll hits like Splish Splash. One of the original “crossover” singers of pop music, anything Darrin touched (for most of his career) turned to gold.

    Bobby Darrin’s Mack the Knife vs. Michael Bublé’s Mack the Knife

    Bobby Darrin

    Bobby Darrin

    Bobby had class, he had style, he knew when to throw around a joke and knew when to get serious and not goon up the act.

    We retro kats are always looking for someone to fill the openings left by the Rat Packers, Jazz giants and kids like Darrin. We’ve got Harry Conick, Jr. who fits nicely into the crooner slot. We’ve got chicks like Diana Krall who can sing and swing with the best of them and show them a thing or two. Even Natalie Cole has done her part to keep the old fires burning. So what about this Booble kid?

    Requirements: In order to really, truly swing with the big boys you’ve got to have the main ingredients for the swinger’s cocktail.

    1. Real Talent
    2. A smooth, kool style.
    3. Must be a hit with the ladies.
    4. Must be funny, in an easy, off-the-cuff way.
    5. Gotta look the part and look good doing it.
    6. Gotta live the part.
    7. Have to find that perfect blend of swinging the standards while maintaining that oh-so-important originality.
    8. Gotta have a hat.

    I’m not so sure about the hat, but I think the kid has many of the requirements needed to be accepted into the retro crowd. I’ve seen him sing live on SNL (not lip syncing) and he sounded good. He was also in a skit and was pretty damned funny, better than I expected. The only thing that will keep this kat from attaining Sinatra-esque status is his choice in songs. For every standard he croons, he adds some new, popbage (pop+garbage=popbage) to his act. Sure, that’s what he has to do to bring in the bigger crowds, get the kids’ attention, make the big bucks. I understand completely…Hell, I’d play a few crap tunes on the tenor if it made me the clams to be able to play the stuff I want, too. But you won’t catch me at a Booble concert, ’cause I just ain’t hip to the neo-jive the kat lays down for the 13-year-olds.

    Michael Booble

    Michael Booble

    So the real question is, does he have the style?
    Of course no one could take Bobby’s place. But some kats come close. I’ll ask you kids…yay or neigh on Booble? Can he really pull it off? Does he make the cut as a real, happinin’ retro-swinger, or is he just another pop music kid trying to be slick and falling short?

    You at least have to give the kid credit for getting this famous on 60-year-old songs in the age of hip-hop fever and pop-tart mania.

    Comments welcome, let’s hear what you have to say.

  • Retro Night at SNL? Saturday Night Live with Jon Hamm and Michael Bublé

    Posted on January 30th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto No comments

    The last time Jon Hamm was on SNL they managed to work in a couple of very kool retro skits, including one with a couple of his co-stars from Mad Men. Tonight, Hamm hosts while old-time crooner Michael Bublé swings in as musical guest. I can only conclude that there is a method to this Madmenness; if the writers don’t take advantage of this combo with some swingin’ retro skits, I’ll boycott SNL for ever. (Here is the Mad Men skit from the NBC site. Sorry about the commercial, but that’s how they make their money)…

    SNL has actually been doing some pretty groovy retro skits in the last couple of years. Bill Hader’s impression of Vincent Price is priceless, and January Jones’ skit where she played Grace Kelly in Rear Window was a riot. It’s nice to see these kids still know the value of the greats that came before them, long ago in the good old days.

    -Zoot Jackson, playin’ it kool at the retro blog, baby!