Retro Night at SNL? Saturday Night Live with Jon Hamm and Michael Bublé

The last time Jon Hamm was on SNL they managed to work in a couple of very kool retro skits, including one with a couple of his co-stars from Mad Men. Tonight, Hamm hosts while old-time crooner Michael Bublé swings in as musical guest. I can only conclude that there is a method to this Madmenness; if the writers don’t take advantage of this combo with some swingin’ retro skits, I’ll boycott SNL for ever. (Here is the Mad Men skit from the NBC site. Sorry about the commercial, but that’s how they make their money)…

SNL has actually been doing some pretty groovy retro skits in the last couple of years. Bill Hader’s impression of Vincent Price is priceless, and January Jones’ skit where she played Grace Kelly in Rear Window was a riot. It’s nice to see these kids still know the value of the greats that came before them, long ago in the good old days.

-Zoot Jackson, playin’ it kool at the retro blog, baby!

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