Happy Easter from the Tiki Bar

Happy Easter!

People celebrate this holiday in different ways. Some celebrate the most religious aspects, as this marks the day Jesus was resurected. It is also the approximation of the beginning of spring, an older, pagen holiday celebrating rebirth (That’s where the bunnies and eggs come from, if you didn’t know). My wife and I like to celebrate Easter as if we were 15. Easter basket, chocolate, enjoy the weather outside. Since we live in South Florida, the weather is fantastic. Right now she’s laying in the sun by the pool, and soon I’ll be outside working on the ’53 Chevy hot rod. Then later it’s ham and more chocolate. Tonight we will no doubt have drinks at the Tiki Bar on the lanai. Maybe turn on some 50’s jazz, and just sit in the torchlight and talk. Not a bad way to spend a holiday!

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