Pain in the asteroid computers!

So yesterday, my main work computer, a G5 Mac that looks like something out of Darkman (It’s been banged around a little) decided to go belly-up on me. It crashed, and on restart it just started blinking at me like a stripper that thinks I have a bankroll to spend on her. Couldn’t do anything with it. First I tied restarting it. Then I tried using the disc utility. Then I screamed at it. Then I hit it with a shoe. Nothing worked. Then I gave up and used another computer for a while.

Today I got a new version of DiskWarrior from our tech guy, Peter. I ran that puppy, gave me hope. Then on restart it began blinking again, even faster and more annoyingly than before. Errrrrr! It was at this point I started ranting and screaming how much I hate computers.

So tonight I at least managed to get my data off of it. Luckily, 19 years of using Macs (and seeing others use and cry over PCs), I’ve been smart enough to back up 99% of my stuff anyway. The important stuff…like my book, Behind the Closet Door…lives on two computers, two back up drives and a jump drive.

So there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Worst case scenario, I’ll have to wax the hard drive and reload everything, or buy a new drive. I think the computer itself is least I hope…uh, is that smoke  coming out of it???

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  1. if you still have that dead warrior around, take the hard drive out and throw away the box (well, maybe the memory could be used)
    Anyhow, there are USB to hard drive connectors that you could use to hook the hard drive up to another computer. Barring a drive failure (extremely rare) you can see all your data on the new computer displayed as a new drive letter.

    I have NEVER had a hard drive crash, but must be on my 10th computer by now. Most were circuit board or power supply failures. Good luck. (via the Boss)

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