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  • Captain Steve Shops For A New Boat…

    Posted on April 28th, 2009 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 1 comment

    fishing-boatWell it has been along time since I decided to buy a new boat, So I figured I would start by going to the local convenience store and buy a boat trader. Wow what a mistake that was. The trader costs $2.25, and believe it or not it was only twenty pages with about ten boats and thirty advertisements per page and at least four of the boats were being sold by a dealer. (The trader used to be about Fifty pages and cost $0.50) The remaining boats were either super mega yachts or boats that no real captain would even go aboard. My next step was to join the twenty first century and check out what was on Craigslist, and WOW there sure was a bunch of boats there… So I searched and searched and finally found the perfect boat for running a back water charter fishing operation. Of course the seller did not provide a phone number so I sent him an email and he replied with additional pictures of the boat. Wow the boat was exactly what I wanted and in great condition, looking at the pictures. So the next day I go look at the boat, that was described as turn key, and it turns out to be a nice hull with an engine that would be better suited as an anchor. How this idiot can call a boat turn key when the controls are so corroded you can’t get the key in mystifies me, but what do I know… The search will continue, I just hope I can find one person on the Internet that actually tells the truth…


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