The Tiki Bar at Night

Our Tiki Bar at Night
Our Tiki Bar at Night

Here’s what a couple of black lights, some fluorescent poster paints and a lot of patience can do.

I fell in love with black light magic back in the 70’s. First memory I have of it is from a tropical themed bar at Zaberer’s Restaurant near Atlantic City. I was only about 4 but I remember how everything lit up and glowed…like magic. When I was 8 my father made me a Pirate Themed bedroom…complete with a black light that lit up a ghost ship, treasure and all sorts of fun stuff (I still have that light, and the treasure chest).

No wonder as soon as I was able I built my own Tiki Bar with black lights. In the day, you can’t really see the blue, magenta, green and orange highlights. The bar looks more Key West than krazy. But it comes to life at night under the ultraviolet lights…add to that the electric flaming tiki torches and flaming-mouth tiki idol, some Martin Denny tunes, plus a few good bottles of  booze and the sound of the waterfall, and we’ve got a little corner of the world to get away from it all.

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