Great Old Movies to rent over the Weekend

casablancaSo, the weekend is here, and you’ve got lots planned…but beware, summer weather can turn on a dime, so be prepared for thunder & lightning with a couple of retro-tastic movies from the Golden Age.

Here’s a short list of must-see flicks, in no particular order (click on each for IMDB info):

Casablanca, Humphry Bogart & Ingrid Bergman, 1942

The Lost Weekend, Ray Milland, 1945

Rebel Without A Cause, James Dean & Natalie Wood, 1955

Barbarella, Jane Fonda, 1968

Marty, Ernest Borgnine, 1955

Our Man Flint , 1966 & In Like Flint, 1967, James Coburn

Guys & Dolls, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra & Jean Simmons, 1955

The Big Sleep, Humphry Bogart & Lauren Bacall, 1956

The Maltese Falcon, Humphry Bogart & Mary Astor, 1941

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