New Drink Recipe! The Tiki Galore!


Our good friends at Tiwaka’s Tiki Bar had this to say:
“we tried that recipe tonight and it was a hit!
We’re calling it the CP Tiki Galore.” Thanks kids! That means the world to me.

Make sure you check out Tiwaka’s Site at There’s lots of tropical fun stuff, photos, drink recipes and more. Plus you’ve got to read the book, “The Parrot Talks in Chocolate” by Everett Peacock, it’s fantastic (available on the site).tiki-galore-drink

Back to the original article…

Half the fun of having your own decently-stocked tropical Tiki Bar is getting to experiment with different drinks. Sometimes I follow the recipes, some times I start mixing elixirs together like a mad scientist. Sometimes they’re even drinkable! (And sometimes all they’re good for is stripping furniture).

Here’s a good one I invented tonight. Now, I don’t know if anyone’s mixed these ingredients together before, so as far as I know it’s an original. But there’s a lot of bars out there with a lot of good bartenders, so who knows…

The Tiki Galore

1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Dark Rum
1/2 oz. Triple Sec
2 oz. Orange Juice
1/2 tspn powdered sugar

Pour everything into a shaker with shaved ice, shake, and strain over ice cubes in a tiki glass. Garnish with everything tropical-looking you can find. You can make it a little more tart by squeezing in some lemon, a little sweeter with more sugar. Drink up! It ain’t bad, and will knock you on your ass! Cheers!

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