Wow, i just took a crazy, wild ride through “Misty” on the tenor sax. Sort of Coltrane meets Sonny Rollins style, way out there, flying far out into the deep darkblack-sax-on-blue outreaches of the universe but landing back where it belongs. I don’t usually play like that. Not sure how I did it this time but it felt good. Sometimes I just gotta let loose, let whatever’s in me flow out like liquid melody. This time I hit it right on, got deep down in the groove, took that horn somewhere way out in space and brought it back in for a 3-point landing.

Quicksilver, gliding on ice. Smooth and cold and kool and hot. Brass keys melting, dripping down like notes on a staff, dark oranges and blues and purples slipping out of the bell like nightbirds on the hunt. Red-hot coals burned high F# into the air; ice cold Scotch quenched the fire, streaming sizzling kool bluenotes into the bottom of the horn.

Then it was done, all out.

I wonder if I could ever do it like that again.

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