Conversations at the Tiki Bar

Tonight’s post was going to be on our evening at the Mai Kai in Fort Liquordale, for the murder mystery we attended. Well, sorry to say that will have to wait until I am fewer sheets to the wind.

Instead, here’s a Tiki Bar Conversation I’ve had with my wonderful and beautiful wife, Colleen.

“You see, today i got news at work that one of our major clients might be forced to leave us. This is not good. it is still up in the air, but as any seasoned Advertising Executive would tell you, it’s a good excuse to hit the bar.

So my lovely wife was kind enough to play the part of the 1950’s chick, and had a Scotch on the Rocks waiting for me at the door when I got home. The conversation revolved around the dull economy, uncertain future, and the fact that at least we have each other, and a bottle or two of the good stuff.

Funny enough, without knowing it, she poured me a double shot of my 1957 Chivas Regal, something i was saving for a special occasion. No worries here. As she said, booze is made to make you feel good. And it sure did.

I don’t care if we lose a client. There are plenty more out there. I’m damned good at what I do and as long as I’ve got blood and alcohol pumping through my veins, I’ll survive. If those kats in the 30’s could get through the Great Depression, we can get through this.

So, this is it, world. Watch out. I’m coming at you with both barrels. And  with my fantastic wife and a bottle of single malt by my side, I can’t be stopped.”

– Mack, Creative Director, EP Advertising

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