Our Fingers are Crossed!

tiki-torchesThe deadline for the Tiki Brand Dance Your Grass Off Contest was last Friday…and the judges now must score the entries to come up with a winner! We’re on pins and needles here at the Tiki Bar, hoping that we’ll win the grand prize. Our fingers are crossed, our toes are crossed, even our eyes are crossed (although that may be from too many Zombies).

There’s some stiff competition we’re up against, but no one else has a bobble-head Tiki, a cat, a parrot and a safety message (lighting the tiki torch in a welder’s mask!), not to mention the cutest girl in a grass skirt this side of the Hawaiian Islands. So we’re hoping our score will be high. Thanks to everyone who showed your support by logging into YouTube and rating our video. We have 24 ratings of FIVE STARS! Very exciting.

If you want to check out the contest entries on YouTube, click HERE.

To go right to our video, click HERE.

To go to the Tiki Contest website (and see who the grand prize winner is, hopefully soon) click HERE.

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