9/11 Remembrance

long-may-it-wave-flagWhen you live in paradise among the palms and sun, it’s easy to forget the people who keep us free, who protect us, and who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice.

Today at the Tiki Lounge we remember the people who died needlessly in the 9/11 attacks, just because a handful of wacked-out, bottom-feeding low-life morons think their god is better than ours. To the families of the victims, may God smile on you. To the terrorists, may Allah spit on you.

We remember the men and women of the armed forces who gave their lives to make the world a safer place, safer from tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin and Hussein. And we thank those in the military who are working hard every day to ensure my freedom.

Because of you, I have the freedom to drink a Mai Tai under a palm tree, to drive a kool car, to live the life I choose with a beautiful woman by my side.

I have the freedom to write anything I want to say here.

Today I am using my freedom to say Thank You, to everyone who makes my way of life possible.

-Christopher “Mack” Pinto

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