OHANA Luau on the Lake, This Weekend on Lake George, New York

ohanalakegeorgeposterLake George is a beautiful, picturesque freshwater lake sitting in the valley of the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Its a nature-lover’s paradise, full of history, and is the last place on the planet you’d expect to find a swingin’ Tiki Bar. Yet situated on the banks of the Lake in Lake George Village is The Tiki Motor Inn Resort, one of the last great Tiki resorts from the golden era of thatched bars and Mai Tais. Built in the ’60s, the resort somehow managed to survive the anti-tiki movement of the ’80s and wave of plasticy new renovations that swept the ’90s.

This weekend The Tiki Resort is hosting OHANA, Luau on the Lake. Unfortunately yours truly won’t be able to make it this year…it’s about 1600 miles away and with the way things are, it’s not easy to get 16 miles away these days! But next year it’s a definite.

When I lived up in the North East I’d vacation on Lake George, but never got to go to the Tiki Resort. Don’t ask why, it’s a long boring story. The short answer is not everyone appreciates such fine establishments as much as I (and you!). Anyone heading up to the OHANA should also try to check out a few other things in Lake George Village…the village is sort of a retro-lover’s playground, with the Around the World mini golf course, the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum, the world’s oldest mini golf course, and of course Fort William Henry (18th c. wood fort that was re-built in the 50s. The gift shop looks like somewhere Opie would have a ball in). tikiresortlakegeorge

And of course there’s the lake itself, beautiful and large, surrounded my mid-sized mountains covered in evergreens. The area is about 95% nature and 5% tacky, wonderful touristy stuff. I find that a nice balance.

A WORD OF ADVICE for those attending OHANA this weekend: Pack for summer and winter. You can get all four seasons in one day on Lake George this time of year. I know. houseofwaxlakegeorgeOh, and bring bug spray. You’ll need it!

Anyone with great pix from the event please email me, I’d like to post them next week!

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