Quicky: Halloween Party A Success, ’53 Chevy Giving Me A Headache

Chris Pinto's 1953 Chevy Belair Custom Hot Rod
Chris Pinto's 1953 Chevy Belair Custom Hot Rod

Later this week I’ll have a fun post all about our annual Halloween Bash…this year, the DISCO OF DEATH. I’m still goin through pix and video, so give me some time…

Meanwhile, my 1953 Chevy Belair Hotrod is giving me grief. I wanted to park it in front of the house, by the Disco of Death entrance for the party. I worked on it on & off for two weeks, getting it ready, sealing the top in case of rain, rebuilt the carb etc. On the day before the party I go to start it up, and the battery is stone cold dead. I jumped it with my battery charger, and it barely turned over. So I let it charge overnight. Party day, I go to start it up and it gives me grief. Won’t start on the first, second or third try. I let it set a second, and on the fourth try…no, it didn’t start, the starter motor fried. 55 year old starter never gave me any trouble until Saturday. So the Chevy spent the party sitting in the garage looking pretty.

Also, 20 minutes before the party, 1/2 of the electricity in the house went out, including my sound system, buffet table and all the lights and effects outside. I blame this on my father’s ghost (more to come on that later in the week). Luckily I was able to get everything back on (blown breaker) in time for the party!

More on the party tomorrow…

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