Enjoying A Pirate’s Wench at the Tiki Bar

pirates-wenchIt’s a perfect night in Tropical South Florida. A cool breeze, temperature lilting around 70°, palm trees swaying to the jungle rhythms of Bali Hai. I’m in a good mood tonight, celebrating a small but important accomplishment. Today I had the luck to be able to acquire the domain name www.TikiBarTalk.com, in addition to Tiki Lounge Talk. Hopefully this will help me spread the good word of the hip little place we all like to gather ’round for exotic cocktails and a taste of the retro good life.

I;m celebrating with a tall shot of my own concoction, the Pirate’s Wench. It’s a nice little twist on the Cuba Libre…a shot each of dark, coconut and spiced rum, 2 teaspoons grenadine, a few cherries and coke. To make her a Drunken Wench, add a 151 floater! A little lime adds a nice sting, too.

So it’s back to the Tiki bar, to have some Tiki Lounge Conversations (now also officially Tiki Bar Talk)  with my lovely wife Colleen.

Cent’anni, and Mahalos!


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