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  • A hip, kool, Tiki Tiki Tiki blog post just because…

    Posted on January 17th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 7 comments
    Converstaions at the Tiki Bar

    Converstaions at the Tiki Bar

    Tiki Time: This is just a shorty little post, something I had to throw far out there into the gaxlaxy. Ya see, my SEO guy says I’m not laying enough (tiki) keywords into my posts to get (retro) optimized search engine results. So I figured I’d (hot chicks) pepper  a few into a post to sort of make up for (tiki bar) lost time. Personally, I think it’s kind of annoying (cocktail) and very un-hip to constantly (boobs) throw keywords into a post just to get a search engine to pick you (LOLcats) up. But I guess if you want to stay in the search engine limelight, you’ve got to play the (drinking) game.

    So here I am, Tiki Chris Pinto, aka Mack, aka ChrisPFlorida, writing my Tiki Blog at my Tiki Bar while sipping a Mai Tai on this sunny South Florida day. I’m wearing a cool retro fedora and have my Moai friend Tiki Mo sitting on the Tiki Bar to keep me company. I’m writing about the Tiki Lifestyle while sipping my Tiki Drink, and have a Tiki of Tiki next to my Tiki Tiki Tiki, with a Tiki doing the Tiki over her two big beautiful Tikis.


    Ok, ya know what? All the Ess eee Oh stuff is a bit much for a kat set in the past like me. If you said ‘search engine’ in 1955, everyone would think you were talking about a new rocket designed to seek out life on the moon. If you said anything about “optimization” it probably had to do with seating seven passengers comfortably in a new Buick. My, how these crazy (tiki) times have changed.mai-tai

    Well, I guess that’s enough Tiki Bar Talk for today. Maybe the search engines will motor down my way. Maybe I’ll get optimized with Simonize. Whatever…As long as I got a laugh from you, and a visit from them, I’m happy as a (retro tiki bar talk weblog for hip swingin’ kats and kittens) clam.

    -“Tiki Chris” Pinto, live from the Pirate’s Cove Tiki Bar in Tiki-ville, Florida, land of the Tiki Lounge Talk Blog