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  • Sunshine & Coconuts

    Posted on March 20th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 2 comments

    tiki-sun-god-tikiloungetalkWe moved to South Florida to get away from the cold & gray weather of the North East. But this winter, which should have been mostly in the 70’s and sunny, has been mostly in the 60’s and fairly cloudy. Today the sun is shining like crazy, and though it hasn’t hit 70 yet, it promises to be a beautiful day.

    When I was a kid, there was a saying: March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. Don’t hear that much anymore; not sure if it’s because the saying faded away, or because March comes in like a flamingo and goes out like a dolphin down here in the land of sunshine and coconuts. Either way, with a cool winter like we’ve had, makes me wonder what summer will wind up like down here…will it be hotter than usual, or more like the winter should have been?

    Cool weather brings out cool carsimg00472

    There’s a Classic Car Cruise Night every Friday night in Davie, about five miles south of the Tiki Bar. Year long, kats motor their rods, lead sleds, tuners, jalopies and fine original ‘chines down a huge parking lot on University drive, and hang out. Last night the weather was perfect for cruising, and the place was packed with the koolest of rides.

    img00473I haven’t brought my 53 Chevy Belair Hot Rod down there yet, as it’s still in the middle of getting the brakes done. But Colleen met me down there driving the Caddy, which being a 1994 is by south Florida standards antique, and brought the dog, Snoopy along too. As expected, Colleen and Snoopy got more attention than most of the cars!

  • Happy St. Patty’s Day from the Tiki Bar

    Posted on March 17th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 3 comments

    st-patsHope everyone had a great St. Patty’s Day, and that the hangover isn’t too bad.

    Top o the mornin’ and Erin go Braless and all that jazz to you on this fine St. Patty’s day. Let us take a moment to remember the true history of St. Patrick’s Day. You see, St. Patrick wasn’t really Irish. And he wasn’t Roman, either, as most historians would tell you. He was in fact Tahitian. His real name was Pa-ti O’Tiki.

    Long, long ago Pa-ti O’Tiki was restless among his beautiful lands of bright green palm trees and crystal blue ocean. He yearned to travel, and made it his life’s adventure to find another island as green and beautiful as Tahiti, but with better booze. He built a boat of reeds and bamboo, filled it with coconuts for his trip, and began to sail around the world.

    St. Patrick

    St. Patrick

    He came across many groovy lands, but none as wonderful as his home. Then one mystical day, he landed on the Emerald Isle, with its breathtaking beauty and lush green fields. He felt he finally found his second paradise. Then he got bit by a snake, which really miffed him, and whacking it with a coconut he said, “I gotta get rid of these snakes.” So using an old Tahitian trick (which used a combination of coconut milk and rum), he lured the snakes to the edge of a cliff, got them drunk, and flipped them over the side. The Irish people were so thankful for this act that they made Pa-ti O’Tiki a saint, and named him St. Patrick, which sounded a lot more Irish than his Tahitian name, and so kept him from getting beat up in the local pubs.

    “What a swingin’ Island,’ Pa-ti said to his new friends, “If only you kats had some groovin’ juice, maybe some malt liquor, or even better, something with a kick, ya dig?”

    They did in fact dig, (and they dug more than just potatoes), and that evening they introduced Pa-ti to their two most prominent citizens, Mr. Guinness and Mr. Jameson. Then they all sat down to a traditional feast of corned beef, cabbage and coconuts. (The coconuts eventually died off from the original feast). A few hours later, flying high and feelin’ kookie from the fantabulous booze, Pa-ti started kicking a coconut around…and soccer was born.

    Today we celebrate this wonderful holiday by drinking the traditional Irish Whiskey out of a coconut, eating corned beef, and wearing green just like Pa-ti O’Tiki’s original grass skirt. And if you believe any of this, I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for a dollar.

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    -Tiki Chris reporting from the Tiki Bar

  • Laura, 1944 – Film Noir for Mod Movie Monday

    Posted on March 15th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 4 comments

    {RIP Peter Graves. Whenever I see the inside of a Turkish Prison, I’ll think of you}

    lauraposterWe’ll break from the colorful Mod movies this week to bring you one of my all-time favorite classics of the Silver Screen,

    Laura, from 1944

    starring Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price and Gene Tierney, Directed by Otto Preminger.

    This is a hell of a movie.mod-movie-mondays

    As usually, I won’t give anything away that’s not in the original trailer. This is the story of a hard-boiled, hard-drinkin’ detective who investigates the gruesome murder of young woman, Laura. He is immediately enthralled by a painting of the beautiful Laura, and as he investigates and learns more about her life, he realizes how incredibly perfect she is in every way…and basically falls in love with her painting. Putting his feelings aside, he delves deeper into her life to uncover her murderer and the truth- and finds an intricate web of deceit, misfortune and jealousy that leads him to a completely surprising outcome.

    Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney

    Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney

    Filmed artistically in black and white, this flick won the Oscar for best cinematography, and is one of the most notorious Noir movies ever made…with one of the most recognizable theme songs ever set to a motion picture. It combines all the elements of a great detective movie – the flawed hero, the beautiful victim, high society meets lowbrow detective, old cars, guns and violin music. Clifton Webb’s performance (his first on screen since the silent era) earned him a best supporting actor nomination. A performance by a young Vincent Price will take you by surprise too, along with a sneak peak into the some of the fashions, technology and lifestyles of the era. Remember kids, back in 1944 the world was without TV and a lot of other things we’ve taken for granted over the years.

    Scotch plays an important part in this movie. A bottle of “cheap” Scotch, labeled “Black Pony” is a pivital clue. (I’m pretty sure “Black Pony” is supposed to be “White Horse”, a cheaper brand of blended whiskey at the time.) In the most important scene of the movie, Detective Mark McPherson sits in Laura’s apartment in front of her portrait, drinking (what is obviously, by the shape of the bottle) Dimple Pinch, so that’s my suggestion for this movie’s drink – Dimple Pinch, straight up. Since the characters are mostly of the sophisticated New York type, why not dine on Beef Wellington and roasted potatoes, or something just as elegant, served on your finest vintage china and lit by slender tapirs in cut-glass candlesticks? The candlelight will be perfect for watching this black and white classic.

    Clifton Webb and Dana Andrews

    Clifton Webb and Dana Andrews

    -Tiki Chris reporting live from the Tiki Bar, South Florida

  • Banana Sling – New Tiki Drink Recipe at The Tiki Bar!

    Posted on March 14th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 2 comments

    tiki-bar-drinksAloha Tiki friends, I concocted a kookie new drink recipe tonight that I think you swingers will enjoy. Behold,


    You probably think this is going to be sweet and gooey. It is not. We’re talking about some complexity that I didn’t expect when I started throwing stuff together. What you’ve got is a rum and fruit juice drink with a hint of banana. Read on…

    2 oz Sailor Jerry spiced rum
    1 oz Amaretto
    1/3 oz Banana liquor
    3 oz Orange Juice
    1 oz Pineapple Juice

    I built it all in a shaker, in the order you see here, then shook it up real good with ice, poured in a TALL Tiki mug over ice cubes and served it up. I didn’t have anything to garnish with, but I think a nice wedge of pineapple and a slice of orange would have been perfect. (Make sure you don’t over do it with the banana. You might want to add it in a little at a time, too much will make this drink taste like a pie).

    The taste was unexpectedly strong, not sweet. The high-proof rum had a lot to do with that, and balanced out the amaretto very nicely. The fruit juices finished it off, and you get just a hint of banana as an aftertaste. Definitely sweeter than a zombie or mai tai, but not syrupy or sugary. Plus two of these will knock you on your ass. Good stuff for sitting at the Tiki Bar…just don’t try to walk afterwards…

  • Tiki Farm’s New Spring Tiki Mugs

    Posted on March 10th, 2010 "Tiki Chris" Pinto 4 comments

    tiki-bar-talk-bwSpring is in the air! Ok, well some of you still have snow, but spring is coming, don’t worry. And with it comes a flock of new Tiki Mugs from the infamous Tiki Farm, that wonderful company who has been bringing us some of the best Poly Pop stuff for years.

    Digga Digga Doo, by Artist Brad Parker

    Digga Digga Doo, by Artist Brad Parker

    For those of you unfamiliar with Tiki Farm – they are the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramic Tiki mugs, with estimates of over 1000 designs and 2 million mugs being produced. Yet with all that volume, they’re products remain unique, high quality, and a very kool. Chances are if you’ve been to a Tiki bar, you’ve drunk (drank? drinked?) from the Tiki Farm mug.

    For Spring 2010 they’ve introduced some kookie new themes, including the Sunrise Tiki Mug, the first mug by Tiki Farm to feature a 4-color process art print fire-glazed in. (Art by Scott Scheidly). Can you say, “Instant Collectible”?

    Modern Primitive Tiki Mug by Artist Philippe Tilikete

    Modern Primitive Tiki Mug by Artist Philippe Tilikete

    Personally, I am digging the Modern Primitive Tiki Mug by Philippe Tilikete, and the Frankie’s Tiki Room’s “Maile Kula” Tiki Mug with it’s Art Deco styling.

    The BEST part about Tiki Farm mugs is that they don’t rip your wallet to shreds with prices. All these great, collectible pieces are priced between ten and twenty clams each, so unless you’re stocking a bar for 100 guests, these usable works of art can be yours for a song. They’re strong to, so you really can use them when you’re not displaying them. After all, what’s the fun of having a Tiki bar if you’re not drinking from the groovy mugs?

    Make sure you poke around all of Tiki Farm’s website. It’s a fun site with lots of kool features, and they sell more than just mugs. Sometimes they feature stuff you can’t find anywhere else. And for a little rero-Tiki silliness visit the Tiki Theater. It’s all loads of laughs with some swingin’ tunes and a few surprises.

    Sunset Tiki Mugs with 4-Color Imaging

    Sunset Tiki Mugs with 4-Color Imaging

    In case you’re wondering, no I don’t get paid for pushing their stuff. The people at Tiki Farm probably never even heard of me, or Tiki Lounge Talk – I’m laying this down for you kats and kittens out of the kindness of my little ole’ heart because I want the world to know how much fun living the Tiki life can be. And, I got a really good deal on a Volcano Bowl from those guys at Tiki Farm, so I feel I sort of owe them.

    So order a few mugs, and in a couple of days you’ll be sittin’ pretty in the spring sunshine, sipping a Zombie from one of these beauts. Or you’ll be sitting in your kitchen looking out the window at four feet of snow, drinking a Zombie from one of these beauts. Either way, you can’t lose, kiddo.

    -Tiki Chris reporting from Sunny South Florida