Banana Sling – New Tiki Drink Recipe at The Tiki Bar!

tiki-bar-drinksAloha Tiki friends, I concocted a kookie new drink recipe tonight that I think you swingers will enjoy. Behold,


You probably think this is going to be sweet and gooey. It is not. We’re talking about some complexity that I didn’t expect when I started throwing stuff together. What you’ve got is a rum and fruit juice drink with a hint of banana. Read on…

2 oz Sailor Jerry spiced rum
1 oz Amaretto
1/3 oz Banana liquor
3 oz Orange Juice
1 oz Pineapple Juice

I built it all in a shaker, in the order you see here, then shook it up real good with ice, poured in a TALL Tiki mug over ice cubes and served it up. I didn’t have anything to garnish with, but I think a nice wedge of pineapple and a slice of orange would have been perfect. (Make sure you don’t over do it with the banana. You might want to add it in a little at a time, too much will make this drink taste like a pie).

The taste was unexpectedly strong, not sweet. The high-proof rum had a lot to do with that, and balanced out the amaretto very nicely. The fruit juices finished it off, and you get just a hint of banana as an aftertaste. Definitely sweeter than a zombie or mai tai, but not syrupy or sugary. Plus two of these will knock you on your ass. Good stuff for sitting at the Tiki Bar…just don’t try to walk afterwards…

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