Mad Men Season Premier tonight on AMC, 10PM EST

cool-man-coolThe retro crowd is already chilling the Martinis and warming up the puff pastries and Vienna sausages, getting ready for tonight’s 4th season premier of Mad Men. In about an hour from the publishing of this post, millions will tune in to see where Cooper, Sterling, Draper & Price will go. The writers have kooly and smartly completely revamped the situation for the 4th season, with Don’s life turned completely upside down. It should be a hell of a season.

Since almost all of my retro-mod pals live out of state, it’s impossible to have the swanky cocktail affair I would have liked to have had this evening. I think some thin-lapeled suits and Jackie-O cocktail dresses would have been a nice addition to the evening’s show.

Anyway, looking forward to the premier as much as you kats and kittens are.

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  1. Hot season opener. Little disappointed they didn’t show more about the company building up from the hotel room, but that quickly became inconsequential. Looks like it’s going to be one hell of a season.

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