Too Wet to Tiki???

tiki-bar-talk-logo-colorComplain, complain complain…How can a kat live in a tropical paradise and find new ways to complain? He complains about the rains, that’s how. Here in Sunny South Florida we actually have a pretty long rainy season…starts when the snowbirds go back home in June and usually lasts till late October. Depending on the year and the number of outdoor activities we have planned, it could go from raining five minutes once every day to raining on-and-off for days at a time. The best part is, no matter what, you still get sunshine peaking through and patches of complete sun in between the rain spurts.tikiisland

But it really makes things sticky and wet, all that water combined with our famous heat. Things drip constantly. I go through about four sets of wiper blades every summer. And hanging out at the outdoor Tiki Bar & pool? Well, it’s a wet drag. So the best I can do is pretend I’m in a rain forest. This works especially well when our parrots start squawking and the thunder is loud. And if the wind picks up a little the palms sway and the sound of the breeze makes you feel like you’re on a tropical Island, marooned with only a pretty blonde, plenty of food and a fully-stocked bar.

Hey, what the hell am I complaining about?

Aloha kids! Happy rainy day.
-Tiki Chris

PS: BIG Announcement tomorrow along with a cool Tiki drink for the weekend!

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