Your Weekend Tiki Cocktail: The Captain’s Eggnog Grog

Eggnog in a Tiki Mug, with plenty of rum. mmmm.
Eggnog in a Tiki Mug, with plenty of rum. mmmm.

It’s that time of year when we start drinking raw eggs with alcohol mixed into them. I don’t know who started this krazy idea, but it stuck. Now, this kat right here isn’t adverse to cheating a little when it comes to building a drink that starts off with something that takes a lot of effort to create, so my infamous Eggnog Grog is more about what you add to the Nog than how you execute the Nog’s state of being, dig?

The Captain’s Eggnog Grog

Two quarts good, thick, old-fashioned pasteurized eggnog, preferably fresh (not canned)
One Fifth Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
One Cup Meyer’s Dark Rum
One-half Cup Coconut Rum
About Two Tablespoons Cinnamon
About One Tablespoon Nutmeg
One Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies
One rocks glass
Tiki Mugs
Cinnamon Sticks
Star Fruit

(Note: Be mindful of the date on the eggnog…the booze will kill off most germs for a while longer, but don’t take any chances with eggs!)

I am making my batch as I type this so bear with me. Empty the nog into a large bowl for mixing. Pour a shot of Meyer’s into the rocks glass and taste. If it’s good, add Meyer’s Rum, Coconut Rum and spices. Stir. Now add a shot of Captain to the rocks glass and taste. It should be pretttty good, tooo. Blend in Captain Morgan to nog until it tastes really good. This will be about two cupsses. Period…periodical…aly…Ev’re coupla minitz test all rums for flavor. yum. stir in allla deez rums in the bowl and tessts for flabor. Pour into a ceramic gallonon jug and refrigfferate for at least toooo days before serving it out up to yer um guestsssz. Granish with a cimminin stik and a slize of starf root.

Merfy Chrissmiss!

-Tiki Chris repforting from under the tree at Tiki Loonge Talk.

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