Rum Barrels available for sale at The Mai-Kai again

mai-kai-at-nightSpeaking of Rum Barrels (see previous post), the little lady and I spent a nice hour at the Molokai Bar at The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale last night for The Hukilau kick-off party. I was happy to see they were serving the Barrel O’ Rum in the barrel mug again (last time we were there they were out, said all of them had been stolen by guests). They’re also for sale in the gift shop for $17 bucks.

It was really thrilling to see some of my Tiki pals’ art showcased in the gift shop. Art by Peter Janus (Tropiki,, Bob Ho (Tiki Hana, and Robert Jimenez ( was showcased among others, really giving the gift shop a more artistic, original Tiki feel than if it were just filled with touristy stuff from China. They’ve also increased their Tiki mug offerings, including having the Mai-Kai Mystery Bowl in stock for a low low price of $89 buckeroos. Oof.

The bar was packed, by the way, and it took a while to get a drink…our waitress was really nice though, apologizing for the wait. Of course the drinks were half price for the party, so paying $7 clams for a Rum Barrel certainly made up for the inconvenience.

-Tiki Chris reporting from the Tiki Bar, with a Rum Barrel and a Crab Rangoon (wait…I’m allergic to crabs!)

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