Celebrate National Rum Day!

gosslings-black-sealToday, August 16th is National Rum Day. Now, I’m not exactly sure why it’s National Rum Day. As a matter of fact, after extensive research I can’t find anyone claiming this holiday, how it got started or why it exists. But who cares? It’s a great excuse to imbibe our favorite Tiki Cocktails made with the spirits of the Caribbean!

Here’s the link to Tiki Lounge Talk’s Exotic Cocktails page, most of which are made with rum.

And here’s a link to International Exotic Cocktail Day, which is coming up fast!

Aloha & Mahalos from the Tiki Bar!
-Tiki Chris P.

BTW: There’s a lot of rum getting slurped down in Murder on Tiki Island!

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