Too Hot To Tiki?

palm-tree-beach-largejpgJust a short musing…

While the rest of the country is looking forward to cooler fall weather, we here in South Florida are smack dab in the middle of hottest time of year. Our “summer” lasts long after Halloween is over, and “fall” is just a concept in our minds. The end of August means hot, humid days and rainy evenings are promised for at least another month.

Now don’t you cats & kitties get me wrong…I ain’t complaining. I love the heat and the screwy weather. It’s just that when it’s 85° at 9:00 o’clock at night, it’s not so nice to sit out on the lanai and drink booze at the outdoor Tiki bar. Unless of course you can jump in the pool.

-Tiki Chris P.

3 Replies to “Too Hot To Tiki?

  1. I’m in North Cali, and we’ve got the same nighttime temps, but I’m sure nowhere near the humidity you folks have to suffer… Still, I spend nearly every night ’til November in my tiki hut, and a dip in the pool certainly helps!

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