Retro Review: Pan Am, Boardwalk Empire Open with A+


Well Retro-Loving friends, you couldn’t ask for much more this weekend than these two fantastic shows: Pan Am, and Boardwalk Empire.

We kind of knew Boardwalk Empire was going to be good. Last season was the perfect blend of gangsters, half-naked 20s chicks, Atlantic City boardwalk and booze. The season opener didn’t disappoint, with plenty of action bootleg hootch.

But the real surprise was with Pan Am, the retro-tastic “drama” that ABC premiered to take advantage of the Mad Men-nostalgia kick. And man, did it deliver! knucky

Opening with (the actual) Buddy Greco version of “Around the World” and ending with (the actual) Bobby Darrin version of “Mack the Knife”, this 1963-era show hit the mark on every second of film. Interesting characters in very kool garb acted perfectly through multiple storylines…and, unlike The Playboy Club, not one murder during the entire show! It was the kind of show with the kind of cinematography that made you smile throughout. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

The Bunny Club gets a second shot at getting my attention tonight. I have high hopes for this show…but then again, I’m on my third Scotch.

-Tiki Chris reporting from the Television Room at Tiki Lounge Talk

6 Replies to “Retro Review: Pan Am, Boardwalk Empire Open with A+

  1. loving tikiloungetalk,” Absolutely devine, just like the look,sound,atmosphere of the shows we love to watch,….can’t wait till next showing, ..this week I will not answer the phones!” what a time for women, who knew how to sizzle the bacon,…fully clothed, when people said what they ment,& ment what they said,…and made no excuses for ones offended, an apology may have been made half heartedly, but usually, everyone knew it was made out of social etiquette 2 things I miss very much in todays world.

  2. Loved it especially the Cars, Clothing and Music brought back fond Memories of flying to the US from Australia on Pan Am in the 70’s look forward to release of a Soundtrack in the Future.

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