A better end to a bad day

tiki-time-coasterIt’s been a rough day. Work wasn’t bad, but long. A lot of us have it not so good these days, with way the economy is, and sometimes it even gets ole Macky down. But I made it home in one piece, with the top down on the convertible and the radio blasting a string of Duke Ellington tunes (I gotta tell ya, I really like XM). Doing almost 80 down I-95 with the wind in your hair can really be a soothing experience.

When I got home, my wife Colleen was already relaxing at the Tiki Bar. She asked me how my day went…then turned around and saw me with the bottle of Wild Turkey and a rocks glass, and said, “That good, huh?” Well, between her in her lovliness and the vintage bottle or bourbon (Thanks Forman!) things started looking up. So we sat and talked at under the ultraviolet lights, about the day, and the craziness of the world. And I finished off a bourbon and coke, then had another, and soon I didn’t feel so bad about work or the lack there-of, or about money, or Swine Flu, and just started to enjoy what I have while I’ve got it.

After the second double Wild Turkey and Coke, I made my way into the study to play on the computer. I pet the cat. I drank some more. I sent a few messages to old friends. Then I picked up the sax and started to play, didn’t know what it was going to be, but it turned out to be “In a Mellow Tone”, probably because of all that Ellington I listened to on the way home. But it wasn’t very mellow. Well, the first chorus was, then I ripped into the solo as if I were playing to save my life. There’s something about that contrast that appeals to me…playing “In a mellow tone” like Sam Butera on some crazy bop tune. It sounded good. I was pleased. Then I had another drink, and sat down to write this, with nothing but the little paper lantern party lights for light, the cat by my side, and the sax on the other side. Colleen is in the kitchen making Fettucini Alfredo from scratch, her specialty. I still have a half a bottle of Turkey. Life is good at the Tiki Bar. (Please excuse any errors, I’m 2 1/2 sheets to the wind!)

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