Vintage Drink Idea…Wild Turkey Surprise

retro-drinks-cocktails-hi-and-lowI’m pretty sure this exists as another name, but I can’t find it. This is one of those kookie cocktails that only existed sometime between 1950 and 1966, the went bye bye, birdie. The birdie being the Wild Turkey, I suppose.

2 Shots Wild Turkey (or any good bourbon, sweeter the better)
1/2 shot grenadine
Maraschino Cherries

Throw four cherries in a tall glass and add ice. Then add the bourbon, then the grenadine, and top it off with Coke. The surprise is the cherry flavor. If by the time you get down to the cherries themselves, they should have soaked up a lot of the bourbon. Surprise! again. Want to have even more fun? Empty the cherry juice out of the jar and replace it with bourbon or sour mash whiskey. Let it sit overnight. Pop those suckers into the drink, and take off, baby!

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