“The Greatest Generation”

usarmy1945From Captain Steve:

It is a shame that the few left of the greatest generation are dying off, two days ago my Great uncle Harry Joel Conover passed away at the age of 99 in a nursing home in Jacksonville. Uncle Harry was a part of a generation much different from the generations of the last four or five decades. He first joined the Army in the 1930’s and then returned home to Atlantic City NJ, after WWII started he again joined the Army and served in Italy, in his service he was wounded (SHOT) in action and continued to serve after he recovered from his wounds he also suffered from malaria that he caught in Italy. I thank him and honor him for his service to our country, he was a great man… As many of his generation were…

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  1. Every American, and many of the other citizens of the world, owe the men and women of the US military an incalculable debt of thanks…not just those serving today, but those who’ve served since out country’s beginnings. Without them there would be no America, along with the freedoms we too often take for granted. Even during tough times like these, we have to remember that we’re a lot better off than a whole hell of a lot of people on this ever-shrinking planet.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your uncle. I must agree that much has changed in recent generations. I feel fortunate to have received much influence from a generation before that of many peers. My father fought in WWII whereas I was a Viet Nam era kid. I have brothers thirty years my senior who retired from military service. I have been honored to call an uncle and a couple of close friends General. I also enjoyed my youth with a grandfather who was a WW One veteran.

    There is something special about sitting with a grandparent who recalls the flu pandemic of 1918 or a soldier who can recall the honor without the societal disrespect of recent generations. For the soldiers at battle today, I sincerely hope they will hold pride above all. One of my dear friends, Maj. Steve Gerber, is serving abroad today. He carries on the pride in a fashion we should all respect.

    Condolences and respect to your family.

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