Day after Halloween, and the Stuff Starts Coming Down…

disco-of-death-signToday is November 1st, and Halloween is officially over. Wah. I’ve had my Halloween decorations up since the last week in September, and I still don’t want to take them down. But, since the city will probably Baker Act me as a loon if I don’t get the tombstones off my front lawn soon, I guess I’ll get cracking on removing 12 boxes (a collection of 15+ years) of Halloween props, decorations and partyware from my walls, tables and Tiki Bar. skeleton-on-gaslamp

The question I most get a this time of year is, “Do you go this nutz for Christmas?” Well, the answer is a flat out hell no. Not that I don’t love Christmas, but this krazy kat just ain’t got the time, the bread or the energy to take down all this stuff and put up Santa’s Florida Workshop at the Tiki Bar. Plus, you don’t usually get hot chicks dressed in skimpy outfits flashing at Christmas parties, so what’s the point, right??? HAPPY DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN! Next stop, Turkeyville.

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