Happy Thanksgiving From The Tiki Bar!

thanksgiving-cartoon-censorIt’s Turkey Day! Go wish your favorite turkeys a Happy Thanksgiving!

No long post today, just a Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and some random wackyness to make the season bright!

• The First Thanksgiving was held in 1621 by the Pilgrims, who were thankful their leaky boat didn’t sink. They celebrated with popcorn, pretzel rods, jelly beans and toast.

• I tried to get some info on a Traditional Hawaiian Thanksgiving feast. Silly me, Hawaii didn’t even become a state until 1959. As far as I can tell, Hawaiians have turkey and poi, on the beach under a palm tree. Not too shabby.

• Smoking a turkey and quitting smoking cold turkey are two different things.

• If you drink enough rum, even the worst Thanksgiving cooking will taste great!

• Lyrics of my favorite Thanksgiving song as a kid, sung to the toon of Polly-Wally-Doodle:

“Oh a Turkey Tom and a Turkey Mom go Gobble Gobble Gobble all the day,
oh they love to mix with the ducks and chick and Gobble Gobble Gobble all the day.

Arm and arm, on the farm, as they strut their merry way,
Oh a Turkey Tom and a Turkey Mom go Gobble Gobble Gobble all the day”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t be a dumbass…don’t drink and drive.

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