A quiet end to a crazy week.

cool-man-coolMan, it’s been one hell of a start to the new year. BIG GIANT sales pitch at the ad agency, I worked on it for hours on end…til one a.m. on Weds…and finally now I get to take a break. Plus some verrrry chilly days this week (down into the 40s, insane for Tikiville).

And, I’m on the hunt for a new Caddy…well, not new, of course…the old lady needs a cheap car to buzz around in, and since I’m basically the one who’s going to get stuck fixing it, I’ve decided on a mid-90’s Fleetwood if I can find one cheap. Why that car of all things? Why not a 58 DeVille? Or a 67 ragtop? Well, she needs to actually drive it…plus I like that rounded, futuristic style they were going for…in fact, the 93 Fleetwood was the basis of one of the future cars in the movie “Demolition Man” with Sylvester Stalone (Talk about a ‘retro’ movie…30 years in the future, the Oscar Meyer wiener song is considered an oldie and Taco Bell is retro!)

In 1995, this was the future.
In 1995, this was the future.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I ain’t put up a swingin’ post in a couple of days because I’ve been too wiped out to spiel. Probably have something fun tomorrow. For now, why not check out some of the oldie but goodie posts from way back in 2009?


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Oh, and sorry if there’s any typos in the post. I hit the CC & Ginger a little hard tonight, after teh weke I hadz!

Keep swingin’ kids, catch ya on the flipside.

-Chris “Mack the Knife” Pinto

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